Struggling to pay for your medications?

We may be able to help you.

About Medbank

Lawson Neel MedBank opened on February 2, 2002.  The purpose this organization is to assist the uninsured and underinsured in getting the medications they need to stabilize chronic illnesses. We accomplish this through partnering with healthcare providers who refer patients to the program.  We serve all age groups who see a participating healthcare provider.  To date we have helped over 5,900 people receive over $30 million in medications from patient assistance programs (PAPs) from the major drug companies. MedBank helps people to be compliant with their medical treatment plan and benefits local hospitals, healthcare facilities, and healthcare providers’ offices by reducing the incidences of unnecessary visits or admissions.  Our Director, Board, volunteers and staff are committed to accomplishing our mission. No fees are charged for MedBank services. MedBank is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.




Our Vision

Lawson Neel MedBank serves persons with chronic health conditions who have limited or no prescription coverage and/or limited financial resources, and have a need for medications for an extended period of time. MedBank will not furnish or assist in obtaining controlled substances. MedBank will serve any patient of a participating healthcare provider, regardless of place of residence.

Support MedBank

There are many ways you can support Lawson Neel MedBank.  We do not charge for our services, or receive any state or federal funding. We are supported by donations from generous individuals, grants and local foundations. You may give online or you may mail in your financial contribution to: PO Box 5756  Thomasville, GA 31758.


We utilize volunteers to assist in our day to day operations, as well as for special projects. We accept donations of medical supplies and equipment and give those out when we hear of a need.  We have been able to find homes for wheelchairs, canes, walkers, shower chairs, CPAP machines and supplies, nebulizers, and much more. Please call 229-226-8114 ext 154 or email [email protected] to find out if we can accept your donation of medical supplies and equipment, or to learn about volunteer opportunities.