Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lawson Neel MedBank helps uninsured and underinsured persons get prescription medications at no cost, or low cost. This is done using the patient assistance programs offered by the drug companies. Not all companies have programs and not all medications are available.

Brand name medications for chronic illnesses are often available, but not all name brand medications are available.

Persons with a chronic illness who are uninsured or underinsured may be eligible. In addition, persons with Medicare Part D coverage may be assisted. The person must meet eligibility requirements as set by EACH drug company for the requested medications.

The initial contact with MedBank can come from you or your healthcare provider. You may complete a self-referral form on the website and we will contact you with more information. Your healthcare provider may send us a referral as well.

Most drug companies provide a 90- day supply of the medication. It will either be sent to your healthcare provider’s office or your home, as indicated by each drug company requirements. MedBank will not receive the medications, nor do we have any medications in our offices. It is important to remember that each drug company has its own rules. MedBank only completes the paperwork; unfortunately, we have no say in who does or does not receive medications.

It can take up to 6 weeks to receive your first supply of medication; this is from the time we receive the required documentation from you. The wait comes from the need to obtain all of the required information and signatures, and the time it takes the drug companies to process the applications. You will be responsible for purchasing your medications until the drug company begins sending the eligible medications. You will also be responsible for purchasing those medications not provided by the drug companies.

After the initial telephone interview, you will be mailed a letter with a list of documents that you must return by mail to MedBank. While each drug company has different requirements, they all request some common documents. You will need to provide proof of income for each person who lives in your household, as well as copies of your government issued ID, insurance cards, and any other items requested. Often a denial letter from Medicaid will be needed. MedBank cannot apply for medications without the required documents.

If you have not received your medications after six weeks from your initial enrollment with MedBank, please call us. If you are out of medication at any time, please call MedBank.

You may ask your healthcare provider to send over the request to MedBank for that medication, or you may provide us with a copy of the prescription.

You may remain in the program as long as the drug company keeps providing the medication that you need, and you continue to meet the requirements of the drug company. You must provide updated proof of income to MedBank each year when requested. Please understand that you may still have to purchase your medications from time to time due to circumstances beyond our control.

We do not give out our location because we are not staffed to handle walk-in clients. You may reach us in the following ways:

Call 229-226-8114

Fax 229-226-8364

Text 229-201-3687 Email [email protected]

Mail P.O. Box 5756 Thomasville, GA 31758